How We can Improve Vision naturally: Andrew Schechinger

Here Andrew Schechinger introduces best tips to improve vision naturally. According to the survey a lot of people have eye problem. There is a lot of reason behind it, we are using cell phone, laptop and computer which leads to direct eye fatigue. Here are the best tips to increase your vision power naturally.
simply follow these tips for better results.

Andrew Schechinger

Eat Good for better Eyesight
Our eyes are very sensitive part of our body, they require multiple vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Take Vitamins A, C and E for better results. Eat those food items which are rich in cysteine, lecithin and sulphur it protects the lens of your eyes.

Sleep Well
Give Your eyes proper rest it is very important for eye health. If you are not sleeping properly, it may weaken your vision. Minimum 8 hrs sleep is good for our eye health


Safety glasses are very Important for your Eye Protection: Andrew Schechinger

The eyes are the beautiful gift of God in our life, So it’s our duty to protect this precious Gift of God. A life without an eye is very difficult. Nowadays the no. of people increases day by day who are suffering from eye problems. It’s all become possible due to the changes in our life style and plated atmosphere. Mr. Andrew Schechinger always guide the people to take serious steps for their eye protection.


Which type of safety glasses is suitable for you its all depend on your workplace. There are so many people doing different -2 Jobs some people are working in an open area where various types of dust particles and flying objects are present which are very harmful to our eyes healthy. Always use good quality of sunglasses if you are working in an open area. Some people are working in chemical industries they can use the good quality goggles.

Eyes are an important part of the body: Andrew Schechinger

Andrew Schechinger shares an important post related to the eyes. The eyes are the important part of the body. Some people ignore it when they feel some vision problem. It is a very bad habit due to the results of this you can lead to vision loss or blindness

Always be careful of your eyes. You should take the proper eye checkup if you feel problem in your eyes.

How you Can Remain your Eye Healthy?
Eat healthy food and fruits that have essential minerals and vitamins, eat an apple regularly. Overweight is also harming your body, it leads to diabetes, which effect on your eyes. If you want to remain healthy and fit get regular exercise it help to control your diabetes.
Always wear Good quality sunglasses when you are outside. It protects you from direct sunlight and harmful radiations.